About Us


Rahjoyan Hadalat is a full service legal and consultancy firm located in Kabul, Afghanistan. Our clients our services and practice areas are legal counseling, taxation, litigation, business registration, legal translation, aviation, legislative drafting, corporate, contracts, employment and labor advisory matters, capacity building and training, and legal advisory.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in working with both government and private sector and are currently advisor to various governmental entities. They are not only updated with respect to the rules/regulations which are rapidly changing in the business environment of Afghanistan but they are also experts in implementation and practice. Therefore, to meet the needs of the national and international client we at Rahjoyan Hadalat built an honest and fair relationship with the government entities.

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. At Rahjoyan Hadalat the initial discussion on any legal and consultancy matter is not charged. It is because the key to the legal and consultancy success from our point of view is the right and correct communication with the client to understand their needs to tailor the right solution for their problems. At the Rahjoyan Hadalat, our clients are the heart of the matter. We solve problems, with passion, because we believe that the client’s problems are our own problems.

Here at Rahjoyan Hadalat our core values based on which we conduct services are excellence, integrity, respect, compassion, diversity and teamwork.

Our attorneys have the right position and knowledge to defend you in any matter and in any case all over the country. Collectively, we are proud serving the national and international clients all over Afghanistan. We also contribute to the not-for-profit in the community to be able to make a difference in the country. We embody the truth that a more diverse firm is a stronger firm.