Our Team

Our team is comprised of Afghan attorneys, consultants, as well as the current and former government and private sector specialists. Our team have had the leading positions in some of the most significant Afghan government agencies and as well as at the private sector. In a bureaucratic environment like Afghanistan, we understand the challenges of getting the client desired results in an efficient and ethical manner. Due to Afghanistan’s developing legal system, in many practice areas, it is not uncommon to see the actual practice and procedures vary in some forms from what is proscribed in the laws and regulations. Therefore, our attorneys keep an open line of communication with relevant government officials to ensure that what is written in the letter of the law is the actual and most updated procedures and rules. Our attorneys are not just experts of Afghanistan’s theoretical legal jurisprudence, but are practicing professionals with years of achieving results in a challenging and developing environment. [insert name] has carefully selected the professional attorneys who has worked with both government agencies and private sector in the country. Our attorneys have unique experience and expertise and made a team of individuals who work well together and with our clients. The team also have extensive experience working with the judicial and prosecution authorities of the Afghan government in Kabul and other provinces.